Braids Gang satin-lined beanie hat – Curlisha


The ‘Braids Gang’ satin-lined beanie hat is lined with satin inside to help reduce frizz and maintain moisture, for women with natural hair. It’s slightly larger than standard beanie hat to accommodate for thicker hair.

The Braids Gang satin-lined beanie hat comes in one size – circumference 60cm and diameter 21cm.

Curlisha was founded in December 2017 by Birmingham, UK native Darnisha; who was looking for a satin-lined beanie hat. After searching online but only able to find crochet or knitted winter hats with satin lining, she decided to create her own; and this is when Curlisha first started. The satin lining inside the beanie hat is key to reducing frizz, breakage whilst maintain moisture, whilst still looking trendy.

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Braids Gang satin-lined beanie hat – Curlisha

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