Herbal Hair Masque – Almocado


Stimulating Organic Herbal Conditioning Treatment.

To promote Alopecia Awareness we formulated two organic products: An organic Herbal Hair Masque – to stimulate the scalp and condition the hair
an organic Herbal Hair Oil – to stimulate the follicles and soften the hair
Each product is designed on a base of organic plant based ingredients- no animal fats are included. Even the essential oils used are organic and each one has been selected for its therapeutic properties – as well as their uplifting aromas.

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Herbal Hair Masque – Almocado

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Almocado was birthed in 2010 with family at its core. The brand riders itself in handcrafted artisan products formulated especially for textured hair types. Providing a range of hand-made products which have been designed to nurture, nourish, condition, pamper and protect.

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