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Have your wash day with ease with Kiya Cosmetics newly-created Wash Day Set.

Have your wash day with ease with our newly-created Wash Day Set.

1. Pre-Poo using Kiya’s Hair Growth Oil

A pre-poo (pre-shampoo) treatment helps soften the hair for better manageability. The primary goal of a pre-poo is to protect our hair from the cleansing effects of a regular shampoo

2. Shampoo using our Simply Nourishing Black Soap Shampoo

Apply to your scalp and massage with the pads of your fingers to cleanse your hair and scalp of dirt and build up. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.

3. Deep Condition Using our Simply Nourishing Conditioner

Apply throughout your hair from roots to ends, ensuring each stand is thoroughly covered with product. Using weekly will prevent split ends, reduce breakage, and improve your hair’s overall health.

4. Moisturise using our Simply Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner

Apply to damp hair in sections before styling. to nourish and moisturise the hair. This will add additional moisture to the hair to prevent breakage and split ends, soften the hair, tame frizz, and aid in detangling.

So if you feel like sharing the love, or simply can’t decide on what to get, then this Wash Day Set is perfect for you!

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Kiya’s Wash Day Set – Kiya Cosmetics

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