Nubian Decor Amare Hair Cuffs


Nubian Decor Amare hair cuffs are ideal for styling braids, locs and natural hairstyles.

Tibetan silver is used primarily in jewellery, with an amazing appearance that makes it look like aged silver. These cuffs are finished in a gold colour and unique have a unique hieroglyph like pattern, which gives it the classic Egyptian look.

Nubian Decor Amare hair cuffs contain 5 Gold Tibetan silver cuffs with heart detail and 1 metre of gold soft satin thread. You can wear on braids, twists, locs and natural styles.

Latoya is a ‘Night braider’ or a ‘Twilight braider’ and Natasha is a designer. Latoya sent a text message to Natasha to ask for something different for her clients. Since then, the duo has been making Nubian Decor handmade hair jewellery for afro and curly hair.

Nubian Decor uses quality materials that do not attract mould.

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Nubian Decor Amare Hair Cuffs

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Nubian Decor

Nubian Decor is the home of exclusive handmade jewellery and hair adornments for braids, locs, natural hair and protective style with Swarovski crystal. Take your hair to the next level with our beautiful pieces.

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